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Welcome to Palm Sunday worship. Today marks the beginning of Holy Week leading up to Easter. Through the days of Lent we have been practicing paying close attention to the nudgings and proddings of the Holy Spirit in our lives that often come in unexpected ways.

We have drawn from Scripture and from the book “Gifts of the Dark Wood: Seven Blessings for Soulful Skeptics and Other Wanderers” by Eric Elnes.  This worship series is about “seeing life through new eyes, recognizing that difficult experiences are as critical for finding our way through life as they are unavoidable. We will see how experiences of life through the “dark wood” are actually clues to our “calling” or “life path.” How can the struggles of life be the seedbed of spiritual awakening to the fullness of life?

In this worship, there is a time for response when you will need a pen or pencil and piece of paper.  Welcome!