Worship With Us!
Sundays at 10:00am at The Springs

Worship in person at The Springs location (with refreshments and conversation after)

and via the Zoom link below.

We encourage you still to wear a mask to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable members.

Come as you are...all are welcome!



Click here for: Ideas for Actions Towards Reconciliation



Sunday, Jan 29th Worship Recording Zoom Link for Sunday Mornings
STAR Words!
Choose YOUR Special Star Word for 2023 Below.

An Inlet United tradition on Epiphany Sunday each year is called Star words or gifts. Usually, we write words 
on colourful  star shapes and pass them around and have people choose a word for the year.

The word is an invitation to pay attention to how God is living in your life -through that word- all year long.

If you are coming to church in person in the next couple of weeks, be sure to get your STAR word!

If you are not coming in person, you can STILL get a Star gift right here:

Choose a number between 1-184 (click the button below then click SPIN to generate one or choose your own favourite number) THEN match it with the number on the word list (next button). You can then make yourself a paper star with this word and we encourage you to hang it somewhere you will see it every day (like a bathroom mirror or on your fridge) so that you can remember what God is doing in your life through and with your star word/gift each and every day.

May your new 2023 Star Word bless you all year long!

Choose Your Number Here Match Your Number Here

Welcome to Inlet

We are currently posting the recording of the weekly service linked on this page. We are worshipping in person and on zoom and YOU are welcome! Join us as we head into the season of Epiphany at Inlet UC.
Where - as followers of Jesus - we seek, question, learn, grow and give back.
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