AboutĀ Inlet United Church
An "Inlet" is a body of water, and it is also a word meaning a way in or a means of entry. Welcome. Let the Spirit in.

We are a recently amalgamated group of seekers, rooted in the Christian faith, working to figure out how to be the kindest, most compassionate humans we can be in this increasingly isolated and challenging world.

We welcome anyone who wants to learn, grow and wrestle with the hard stuff of living, as we practice healing, caring for and loving all of Creation.

There is no dress code.


**2021: Please note that the below information does not reflect our current practice of Online Worship that is occurring due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date on how and where we are worshipping at this time.  Thank you and welcome!**

We love children and are just fine with kid-noise. We have a craft/colouring table and lovely cloth “busy-bags” for kids to enjoy during the services.

We value good music and currently have a “pick-up” choir and a “sometimes” band. We are always delighted to have new singers and musicians join in.

Because we are currently building a new site, we are a little bit “all over the map” as far as where we hold events. Our IOCO Site is a lovely 1924 heritage building that we worship in part of the time, and that hosts the Green Apple Daycare during the daytime. It is a traditional little wooden church with pews (and cushions!) and stained glass windows. It’s a really pretty and quite small sanctuary that has a wonderful feel to it. There is even a real bell in the steeple!

We also worship in Port Coquitlam part of the time in a borrowed space belonging to one of our community partners: Kinsight. This space is bigger and more versatile than the traditional church, and we get creative sometimes with cafe-style (sitting at tables) worship, worship in the round and here we have more space for a bigger band. pot-luck lunches and spreading out. We use chairs in this space and have to set up and take down each time.

We publish where we are at each week here on the website, on our Facebook page, on the sign outside the heritage IOCO site, and anywhere else we can so that people know where to find us each week. (We are definitely people on the move!)

Until our new building is built, we are also borrowing office space in a building on Austin Street in Coquitlam. You will often see our two ministers and many of the volunteer leaders packing boxes and bags of stuff back and forth because we are in so many different places! This definitely keeps things interesting.

Inlet United also spends time out in the community. You will find us in our lime green t-shirts at information booths at events like the Port Moody Car Free Day and the IOCO Ghost Town Days Festival. We have been hosting labyrinth walks at Rocky Point, Dirt Worship (an outdoor spiritual nature walk) at Old Orchard Park and will continue to do other non-Sunday-morning events out in the community to offer multiple opportunities for connection.

We are a creative, busy (and a little messy at times)  energetic bunch of people with a vision for “walking with” each other the way Jesus did.

We would be delighted for you to check us out.

No expectations or commitment required.

 As Jesus said, “come and see.”

Inlet United Church
Strengthened by Relationships - Rooted in Christian Faith

We are rooted in our Christian faith, supported by the strenghty and wisdom of our faith community, connected with the communities within which we live, work and serve.


Give - Healing - Learning

With Curiosity - With Compassion - With Openness


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