Rental information for Inlet United at The Springs and Inlet United Ioco Site


Inlet United Church is pleased to offer rental options at two distinct locations: Inlet United at The Springs and Inlet United Ioco Site.


For current rental rates and information, please contact Kelly Doyle, Office Administrator at 604-939-5513 or email


Please note that the space rental rates mentioned are not applicable for weddings, memorials, specific events, or filming purposes. For further information regarding bookings for these particular occasions, we encourage you to get in touch with our office, where our dedicated team will be delighted to provide you with detailed and customized information.

Rental Spaces at the Springs

Inlet United at The Springs stands as a cutting-edge contemporary facility, complete with multiple well-appointed meeting spaces featuring state-of-the-art AV monitors. Moreover, the venue offers a sizable sanctuary, ideally suited for hosting concert performances, music recitals, meetings and small theatrical performances.

Office Level Meeting Rooms

The office level meeting rooms offer a conducive environment for meetings, workshops, and training sessions, with a seating capacity ranging from 16 to 20 participants.

These rooms are equipped with easy to use plug-and-play AV monitors so you can display your presentations, as well as a flip chart Stand.

For further details on the Mountain View and Mural View Meeting Rooms, click below:

Mountain View & Mural View Meeting Rooms
Sanctuary Level Rental Space
Sanctuary, Multipurpose Room and Kitchen


The Sanctuary is an excellent venue for concert performances, music recitals, meetings and small theatrical performances. Kindly take note that while the Sanctuary is open to these select events, its availability remains limited due to church activities. We encourage interested parties to proactively plan and secure bookings well in advance to ensure the utilization of this exceptional space for their special events.

The Multipurpose room and its accompanying kitchen provide an excellent setting for small-scale events, workshops, and training sessions, comfortably accommodating up to 36 attendees. 

By integrating the Sanctuary with the Multipurpose room, the venue showcases its ability to accommodate up to 120 guests, thereby providing a versatile space for larger gatherings. Furthermore, the option to include the kitchen alongside the Multipurpose room enhances the convenience for event organizers.

For further details on the Sanctuary, Multipurpose Room and Kitchen, click below:

Sanctuary, Multipurpose Room and Kitchen
Rental Spaces at Inlet United Ioco Site

The Ioco Site embodies a timeless, heritage-designated white church, showcasing traditional architectural elements such as a steeple, an authentic bell, and exquisite stained glass windows. The sanctuary itself offers seating for approximately 50-55 individuals, complemented by a well-maintained piano, though limited AV equipment is available.
The Ioco site is a cherished heritage building, and unfortunately, it is not fully wheelchair accessible.

For further details on the Ioco site, click below:

Ioco Site Rental Space