Inlet United Ioco Site Rental Space
Sanctuary Capacity: 50-55 (depending on use)


The Ioco site sanctuary serves as an ideal space for intimate recitals, small performances, poetry readings, and workshops. However, it's important to note that the Lower Hall's availability is restricted due to its utilization as a daycare facility during the week. Viewing and rental arrangements are only available after 6pm on weekdays, while weekends offer more flexible scheduling without any time restrictions.

A reminder that the Ioco site is not fully wheelchair accessible and there is only one washroom available which is on the lower hall level.
To view and consider renting the Ioco site, an advance appointment is necessary.


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Ioco Site - Lower Hall
Capacity: 20-24 (depending on use)


The lower hall of the Ioco site is utilized by a daycare during the week, however tables can be moved aside for our rental groups.

Please note that there are limited tables and chairs available for use at this site and there is only one washroom available which is on the lower hall level.

Ioco Site - Kitchen

The Ioco Site kitchen is used by the daycare during the week and can only be used for minimal food storage/food prep. No cooking is allowed in this kitchen. Please note the kitchen does not have dishes, cups or cutlery. We recommend, already prepared food served with compostable plates, cups and cutlery. It is the renters responsibility to fully clean and sanitize this kitchen after use.

Inlet United Church - Ioco Site

For current rental rates and information, please contact Kelly Doyle, Office Administrator at 604-939-5513 or email