Max Capacity: 84
Capacity if combined with Multipurpose room: 120

The sanctuary at Inlet United Church at the Springs is a sacred and enchanting space that radiates a sense of peace, reverence, and spiritual tranquility. The Inlet United Church at The Springs holds worship services in the Sanctuary each Sunday at 10am as well as many other community events such as our monthly Labyrinth Walks, community concerts, and informative workshops. 

The seating arrangement in the Sanctuary is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the congregation comfortably while preserving an intimate atmosphere of a semi-circle. 

The Sanctuary is an excellent venue for concert performances, music recitals, meetings and small theatrical performances.

The availability of the Sanctuary remains limited due to church activities, therefore we encourage interested parties to proactively plan and request bookings well in advance to ensure the utilization of this exceptional space for your special events.

By integrating the Sanctuary with the Multipurpose room, the venue showcases its ability to accommodate up to 120 guests, thereby providing a versatile space for larger gatherings.

Furthermore, the option to include the kitchen alongside the Multipurpose room enhances the convenience for event organizers.

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Sanctuary only Sanctuary & MP Room combined
Sanctuary Level Foyer

The open space in the foyer connects to the Sanctuary as well as the Multipurpose room. This is a welcoming greeting area for events when entering from Spring Street or the underground parking.

Multipurpose Room
Max Capacity: 36

The Multipurpose room at The Springs is a versatile and dynamic space that serves as the heart of community life within the church. This spacious and welcoming room is designed to accommodate a wide range of activities and gatherings, making it a hub of activity and connection for both church members and the broader community.

This space is an excellent setting for small-scale events, workshops, and training sessions.

The walls of the MPR are retractable to open more space to connect with the Sanctuary, allowing for more seating for events or an after event gathering space for refreshments.

The MPR is thoughtfully furnished to accommodate a myriad of activities. Flexible seating arrangements make it easy to transform the space for different events. Rows of comfortable chairs can be arranged for meetings, lectures, or presentations, while movable tables and chairs create a conducive open environment for workshops, yoga class, children's activities, and group discussions.

This room is equipped with an easy to use plug-and-play AV monitor so you can display your presentations, as well as a flip chart Stand.


Flexible Meeting Space
Multipurpose Room

The furniture in this space can be rearranged to your needs and the space can also be cleared for activites such as yoga, playgroups or other activities that require open space.

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Kitchen access from the Multipurpose Room

A well-equipped kitchen tucked into one corner of the MPR offers the convenience of serving refreshments and snacks during your event or meeting session.

Must be booked in conjunction with the Multipurpose Room &/or Sanctuary

The kitchen at Inlet United Church at the Springs is very modern and an excellent space to accompany the use of the Multipurpose room when you are hosting a day long meeting or workshop. In addition, the kitchen is an excellent addition when you combine the Sanctuary and Multipurpose room for community events such as recitals, theatrical presentations, and workshops.

This kitchen space has ample fridge and freezer storage and equipment to prepare coffee and tea. Please note there is no cooking allowed in the kitchen, but items can be warmed. We recommend ready-made food, along with compostable plates, cups, and cutlery.

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