Here are some FAQ's that might be helpful.

What's it like?

We are a relaxed bunch of people who gather on a Sunday morning to connect and worship God. We have screens in each location so you know what's happening throughout the service. There is a typical flow to each morning, and the worship leader usually helps by inviting people to stand or sit as things progress. Sometimes there are several musicians, and sometimes just the piano is played. There are times of silence, times where people are invited to join in, and there is always singing...but don't worry...if you don't sing you don't have to!

The two locations are different in feel.

The 1924 heritage church on IOCO Road is a traditional little church with pews. It's really pretty with stained glass windows and a real bell in the steeple, and it looks like something out of a museum! Because it's smaller, we have to cozy up in the pews and make room for people, and not as many musicians fit at the front. This space has a spiritual feel to it and is a very special visual experience. We have screens there too for the programming, and there is a lovely hall downstairs for coffee and cookie time after. There is also an outdoor play yard for children, and sometimes we have educational events and other activities in this lovely little church.

Our Kinsight (PoCo) location is much roomier! It's a big room with chairs and more space for a band of often people bring their instruments and join in. We set chairs up in different configurations depending on what we are doing, and sometimes we sit at tables to worship (cafe-style), especially if we are doing a craft or having a lunch after. This space has more kitchen capacity too, so we use it for luncheons and meetings and other activities. This space has a completely different feel to it, but is still very much "church" in more of a community-connection way than in a traditional way.

We go back and forth between the two depending on the kind of worship we have designed...and we really feel blessed with abundance to be able to have both spaces to worship in.


Can I just show up?


Just check to be sure which location we are at this week so you go to the right place.


What about my kids?

Kids are always welcome. We don't have separate children's programming at this time, but always have a craft and colouring table set up, and we don't mind "kid-noise" at all! We have a few children and sometimes babies and toddlers and teens and sometimes only we are very happy whenever young humans join us.


Where do I park?

At IOCO there is a parking lot beside the church, and when that is full, there is all sorts of street parking next to the green space just across the road and down from the church. At Kinsight there is a rear parking lot (inside the chain link fence) as well as street parking out front and on either side of the building.



IOCO has a ramp outside on the parking lot side that leads into the lower hall, and a stair lift inside the lower hall that can transport people up the stairs on a mororized chair, however there are a couple of steps at the top of the stairs and a couple of steps into the sanctuary that need to be navigated, so it is unfortunately not properly or fully accessible.

Kinsight is a fully accessible space with a ramp out front.


What do I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in. We have kids in soccer gear, adults in dress clothes or in casual comfort...jeans are fine too, there is no dress code.

Come as you are and be comfortable.


What should I bring?

Just yourself.

We have an "offering box" at the entrance to each worship space (it's a wooden one at IOCO just inside the sanctuary doors and it's a green cardboard one on the Welcome Table at Kinsight).

We don't pass the plate during the service.

  If you'd like to make a donation before the service starts, you are welcome to do that, but it is not expected.


How long are the services?

Roughly one hour. Sometimes they go a little longer, but not much. Then there is a coffee (and there are always goodies) time after that you are most welcome to stay for.

Once a month we have a Communion service, where we invite people to take part in the bread (gluten free) and juice (we use grape juice) in remembrance of the Last Supper. There are NO restrictions as to who can participate. It is Jesus' table, and YOU are welcome at it, no matter what. Children are as well. We usually have Communion the first Sunday of the month, and sometimes that makes the service a few minutes longer than one hour.


How can I get connected?

Lots of ways!

You can stay for coffee after and get to know someone.

There is a form you can complete if you wish to be added to the email list so that you can receive the weekly announcements and info on what's happening at Inlet. You can speak to any of the leaders (ministers, readers, people helping with the service) to get a form if that is of interest.

If you wish to book a coffee visit with one of the ministers, you can do that by asking them in person or calling the office or marking that on the above mentioned form. Sometimes it's easier to ask questions and get to know more about the church in a one-to-one setting, and our ministers are very happy to accommodate that.

Please see our "About" page for more information.

We hope you will come and check us out!