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We are in the Season of Easter and are exploring a new 4 week series called W.A.I.T. which is an acronym for Watch, Ask, Imagine, Trust.

On Sunday, May 9, the theme was "Imagine" and we welcomed guest preacher Rev Scott Swanson.

After Easter, Jesus’ disciples watch what is happening. They experience Jesus in a new way…encountering him on the road to Emmaus, in the upper room, by the lakeshore…asking and trying to understand what is happening, trying to imagine life without Jesus in the earthly form in which they knew him…trusting somehow all will be well.

We are also in a time of waiting. We are watching our world close by and afar for what is going on, and we are asking when we will be able to get to some sense of normal, trying to imagine living differently, and trusting that somehow we will be able to flourish and grow and thrive.

Through this series we are going to explore how the disciples waited and the questions they asked. We will see how they, and we, can imagine and trust the Living Spirit of Jesus in a new time.

Presented via YouTube in collaboration with Como Lake and Golden Ears United Church.